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E-SIM All Access Pass or Physical SIM Redemption


Your VIP Shop & Dine 4Less Card or Kids Eat Free Card includes a complimentary eSIM All Access Pass When Obtained Through approved participating travel companies providing you access to a fast, convenient and economical way to connect your data whilst in the United States. You can obtain your eSIM All Access Pass and purchase an airtime plan in a few simple steps:

With valid promotional codes issued by participating travel providers, you may select either one (1) eSIM All Access Pass (only valid for compatible devices) or you can optionally select one (1) Physical SIM for older devices that are not dual SIM/eSIM compatible.

Each eSIM All Access Pass (or optional Physical SIM) will provide you will exclusive access to activate and schedule any of the SmartSIM USA discounted Preferred Rate Airtime Plans at $3.60 USD a day or less on your compatible device for Unlimited USA Talk, Unlimited International Text & Unlimited 4G LTE / 5G Data from anywhere in the USA.

Now, let’s walk you through how to redeem your eSIM All Access Pass (or obtain a Physical SIM) using the promo code provided by your travel provider, please select from below and then follow these instructions:

eSIM All Access Pass (or Physical SIM) Redemption Instructions

  1. Select either an eSIM All Access Pass Now (or select optional Physical SIM)
  2. When prompted, enter the code provided by your travel provider.  (This should be the same code used to register your VIP Shop & Dine 4Less eCard or Kids Eat Free eCard)
  3. Once your eSIM (or optional Physical SIM) order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to purchase and schedule an airtime plan for your new eSIM All Access Pass (or Physical SIM) to be associated with your mobile device.

Not sure if your device is dual SIM/eSIM compatible?

If your device only shows one IMEI # and does not show an IMEI 2 # and an EID # from your devices settings, then you have an older device that will only allow for a Physical SIM to be provisioned to your device.


IMEI Info for All Devices

Quick Promotional Redemption FAQs:

  • Each promotional codes issued to you is valid for one (1) eSIM All Access Pass (or optional Physical SIM).
  • Each mobile device that you wish to have scheduled and activated on a SmartSIM USA discounted Preferred Rate Airtime Plan requires one (1) eSIM All Access Pass (or optionally one (1) Physical SIM) per device.
  • eSIM All Access Passes never expire and are valid as long as you own the the device you wish to have activated to any SmartSIM USA Unlimited Airtime Plans.  Once provisioned to a specific device, eSIM All Access Passes are not transferable, but may be reactivated any time in the future to any any SmartSIM USA Unlimited Airtime Plan.
  • Redemption Codes are also valid towards optional Physical SIM orders, however, shipping & handling fees are not included in this promotional offer and will be billed separately at time of checkout confirmation.  Please allow approximately 10-14 days for Standard International Delivery of Physical SIMs.  Only $4.99 USD Shipping per optional Physical SIM after applied discounts.
  • Physical SIMs are transferrable between devices, however, once a line has been activated for use on a Physical SIM, if the SIM does not maintain an active Airtime Plan for a period of 30 days or more, for security and compliance purposes, that Physical SIM will automatically be terminated and will not be able to be re-activated after 30 or more days of being inactive on an Airtime Plan.
  • Have more questions?  Click Here for more FAQs


Click Here for More FAQs

All Unlimited Airtime Plans are sold separately and selected at time of activation scheduling request

10 Day
VIP Plan
55% off
15 Day
VIP Plan
58% Off
20 Day
VIP Plan
59% off
30 Day
VIP Plan
62% Off
90 Day
VIP Plan
65% Off
365 Day
VIP Plan
69% Off