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How do I activate my SIM?

Click on the link to the activation portal

Step 1: Enter the SIM number printed on the back of your card as far in advance of your USA arrival as possible.  Waiting until the last minute to select your activation start date may result in unexpected delays.

Step 2: Enter your Arrival/Activation date then pick the length of your plan

  • You can choose an arrival date up to a year in advance and your SIM will be activated on the morning of the activation start date selected US Eastern Time.
  • Pick the length of your plan.

Step 3: Enter your billing/payment Information

  • Enter your billing/payment method (Free plans will not be charged, however, you will still need to complete billing information to confirm your identity)
  • Confirm your mailing address
  • Enter your email

Step 4: Checkout

Step 5: Check your email

  • Your activation request confirmation with plan request detail summary will be sent to you via email immediately upon completion of your activation request.
  • On the date of your requested activation start date, you will receive an email confirming the successful activation of your SIM and selected plan.  At this time, your temporary US phone number shall be assigned.  You will also receive a text confirmation, once you insert your SIM, reboot/restart your device in the U.S. network coverage area upon your arrival in the U.S to complete your connection to our network.

Enjoy your Holiday!!!!

Will you ever automatically charge my credit card for additional fees?

NEVER!!! There will be no surprise charges!

All of our plans are unlimited. Taxes fees and mobile service is all included in your flat rate plan so talk, text, and surf as much as you want. We will never charge your credit automatically without your express authorization at the time of the charge. If you need more days added to your service just call us and we’ll help you out!

How do install a new SIM Card in my phone?

Our SIM cards can be broken down into three different sizes:

These days SIM cards come in three sizes:
  • Standard SIM (15 x 25mm)
  • Micro SIM (12 x 15mm)
  • Nano SIM (8.8 x 12.3mm)

The video below will show you how to break down the SIM to the proper size need for your particular phone and how to install the chip into a variety of popular phones.

Don’t have SIM replacement tool, don’t worry, you can use a standard paper clip with release your SIM in most mobile devices.

Where in the USA will I have 4G LTE mobile coverage

We are proud to offer mobile service the network that has been certified as the best American network by scientific tests. Our network topped Ookla and OpenSignal’s 2017 rankings, confirming that you will have access to the fastest, most available 4G LTE network in the United Staes.

How do I add more days to my unlimited mobile plan?

When you sign up for your mobile plan through the corresponding activation portal, we recommend that you sign up for a plan that covers the entire length of your stay in America to ensure you get the best value.  We will send you a reminder via text and email message approximately 36 hours prior to the end of your initial prepaid service plan. Simply follow the link in the text message or email to add days to your unlimited plan.

To avoid losing your US mobile number be sure to extend your initial plan prior to service termination/expiration.  If you initial plan has expired and you later wish to reactive your SIM, simply go back to the activation portal and select a new plan.  We will never charge your card or renew automatically unless you give us express instructions to do so.

Does my GSM phone need to be unlocked?

YES!! To use SmartSIM card you’ll need an unlocked phone.

Most phones purchased in Europe are already unlocked. In other parts of the world, some phone providers lock their phones so they can only be used on their own networks, and not on those of competing carriers.

Here are some tips on how to unlock prior to your visit if your device is locked :

Contact to your current provider:

If you have fulfilled the terms of your contract, your mobile provider may agree to unlock your phone.

Find an unlocking service:

For most phones, you can use an unlocking service to get your phone unlocked within 24 hours or less. Just send them your device IMEI (a unique barcode) and they will send you back the unlock code with instructions.

If you prefer to have your phone unlocked in person, visit a local mobile phone repair shop. Many offer unlocking services for most phones, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead to make sure they can unlock your specific make and model.

Can I use my phone as a mobile WiFi hotspot on your unlimited?

Yes absolutely!   In fact, you can connect up to 5 additional devices to your mobile hotspot by simply turning on the mobile hotspot feature in the settings on you mobile device.

Connect up to 5 devices including laptops, tablets, gaming devices and even other smartphones. Check your mobile device’s manual to learn if your device supports this feature and how to set it up.

Do you have coverage at Walt Disney World and the other major theme parks?


We have great coverage all over Disney property and just about everywhere in Central Florida.

I have an iPhone. Can I use WiFi Calling with my US SIM card?


Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive calls, access unlimited high-speed data, and send and receive messages over a wireless Internet connection.

Using Wi-Fi Calling is easy! Simply connect to an available Wi-Fi network and enable Wi-Fi Calling on your device.

Set up Wi-Fi Calling
To use Wi-Fi Calling, you need a supported Wi-Fi Calling-capable devices For information about setting up Wi-Fi Calling on your device, check out the How-to guides for your device on the Device tutorials page. Wi-Fi Calling is available on iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 7 and newer on iOS 8 or later. When your SmartSIM card is inserted into these iPhones, Wi-Fi calling options become available.

Not available on iPhone 5 or older devices, even with iOS 8 or later.

Before you use Wi-Fi Calling, you also need to make sure that you set up your e911 address, as your location may not be automatically available to the dispatcher if you need to call 911. Learn how to set up your e911 address.

How do I contact emergency services (911) while using my mobile device in the US?

Public Safety / 9-1-1

SmartSIM USA is committed to a partnership with Public Safety to provide the best possible 9-1-1 service for our subscribers in times of emergency.

What is Basic 9-1-1 service?

Basic 9-1-1 service is an emergency telephone system which automatically connects wireless 9-1-1 calls to a designated 9-1-1 Communications Center. Basic 9-1-1 may or may not provide the wireless phone’s 10-digit call-back number and estimated location. The handset must have battery power and be in a coverage area to complete a 9-1-1 call.

What is Text to 9-1-1 service?

Placing a voice call to 9-1-1 is your best option during an emergency. At this time, some 9-1-1 Centers are able to receive and/or respond to text messages sent to 9-1-1 via amobile handset. If a customer attempts to send a text to 9-1-1 in an area where the service is not available, an auto-reply message will be sent to the handset stating:

“Please make a voice call to 911. There is no text service to 911 available at this time in this area. This is a free message.”

Please note, making a voice call to 9-1-1 is still the most efficient way to contact emergency services.

Remember…when calling 9-1-1 during an emergency:

Stay calm and speak clearly.

Do not hang up until the 9-1-1 call taker has obtained all of the information that is needed.

Since you are calling from a wireless phone, your call may be disconnected if the signal is lost. Be sure to call 9-1-1 back if you are cut off. If you are driving, consider pulling off the road and stopping the vehicle to complete the 9-1-1 call.

Your 9-1-1 call may need to be transferred to another agency.

Can I use device for SatNav (GPS) app such as Google Maps?

Absolutely! With our unlimited mobile data service and strong coverage along most major highways, you’ll have fast accurate access navigation service available anytime you need them.

Do all phones work on your network?

Non-SmartSIM USA phone & software disclaimer

SmartSIM USA cannot and does not guarantee the functionality or performance of any handsets or devices that were not sold by SmartSIM USA or an authorized dealer of SmartSIM USA  (“Non-SmartSIM USA  Devices”) for use on the SmartSIM USA  network. Nor do we guarantee the functionality of any handsets or devices that do not have a software version that was sold or updated by SmartSIM USA (for example, rooted devices).

As a courtesy, we provide the SmartSIM USA Internet and picture messaging (MMS) settings for some Non-SmartSIM USA Devices. However, device troubleshooting that is not related to the SmartSIM USA network (SmartSIM USA Internet and picture messaging settings) is not provided for such Non-SmartSIM USA Devices. SmartSIM USA does not provide troubleshooting on Non-SmartSIM USA Devices for any issues not related to the SmartSIM USA network.

SmartSIM USA cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these settings, nor their placement in the device and therefore does not assume any liability for the lack of effectiveness of these settings for non-SmartSIM USA devices.

We strongly recommend that our customers contact the manufacturers of their Non-SmartSIM USA Devices with any questions or problems regarding the functionality, operation, or performance of their Non-SmartSIM USA Devices.

Important: Non-SmartSIM USA phones will work on SmartSIM USA ‘s 3G / 4G if they support Band II (1900) and/or Band IV (1700/2100)

SmartSIM USA  data & APN settings

SmartSIM USA  data & APN settings

When you get a new phone, services like the internet and picture messaging just… work. What makes this happen? Magic? Access points? Wonkavision? Well, we’re not going to let the secret out, but when you buy a phone from SmartSIM USA , we make sure you’re ready to go right out of the box. If you bring your own unlocked device to SmartSIM USA , there are a few extra settings that you’ll need to enter to get going. Thankfully we’ve got your back, and the settings, right here.

Access point name (APN) settings

This document will walk you through setting up internet and pictures messaging (MMS) on a non-SmartSIM USA phone, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started:

  • We can’t guarantee these settings will make an unsupported device fully functional on the SmartSIM USA network
  • Customer Care isn’t able to help with unsupported device configuration, but you can always ask questions
  • You can read the Non-SmartSIM USA  phone & software disclaimer for more info

Preferred settings

Internet and Picture Messaging:

  • Access Point Name (APN): fast.SmartSIM USA .com
  • MMSC Server: http://mms.msg.eng.SmartSIM USA .com/mms/wapenc

Short Message Service  (SMS)

  • SMS Email:[email protected]
  • SMS center+12063130004
  • Email center: 500
  • Voicemail : +18056377243 (1-805-MESSAGE)

Android APN settings

  1. Open the Access Point Names or APNs menu.
    1. In Settings, look under Wireless & Networks or tap the Connections tab.
    2. Touch Mobile network. You may need to touch More settingsMore…, or More networks first.
    3. Touch Access Point Names.
  2. Touch the SmartSIM USA  APN if one is available. If not, press the Menu key and touch new APN.
  3. Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN.
    • Name: SmartSIM USA
    • APN: Fast.SmartSIM USA .com (for LTE devices) or epc.tmobile.com (for non-LTE devices)
    • Proxy:
    • Port:
    • Username:
    • Password:
    • Server:
    • MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.SmartSIM USA .com/mms/wapenc
    • MMS proxy:
    • MMS port:
    • MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 260
    • Authentication Type:
    • APN Type: default,supl,mms OR Internet+MMS
      • Default Android provides a text field to enter: default,supl,mms.
      • Samsung provides an Internet+MMS radio button to select.
    • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
    • Turn APN on/off: Grayed out unless there are multiple APNs
    • Bearer: Unspecified
  1. Press the Menu key.
  2. Touch Save.
  3. Delete any other APNs that appear in the list. The FOTA APN can remain if available.
    • Touch the APN that needs to be removed.
    • Press the Menu key.
    • Touch Delete APN.
  4. Verify there is a circle next to the remaining APN.
  5. Perform a soft reset. Hold down the power button until the device turns off and restarts.
  6. Test the data connection and/or MMS by accessing the Web or sending a picture message.
  7. Complete additional troubleshooting if the APN settings are correct, but customers still experience issues.

Apple APN settings

Stood in line all night to get that new iPhone from the Apple store? Awesome. Head over to Internet and MMS: Apple iPhone and we’ll get you all set.

Basic phone APN settings

Settings for basic phones are different from model to model. Find your phone’s APN settings using the how to’s or user manual for your phoneand enter the required APN information.

BlackBerry APN settings

BlackBerry 10

  1. From the home screen, tap Options.
  2. Tap Network Connections.
  3. Tap Mobile Network.
  4. Tap APN at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Enter the required APN information.
  6. Tap Save at the top of the screen.

Previous BlackBerry OS

  1. From the Home screen, scroll to and select Options.
  2. Perform one of the following (depending on your device software version):
    • For BlackBerry OS 4.0 or older select TCP / IP.
    • For BlackBerry OS 4.1 to 5.0 select Advanced Options > TCP / IP.
    • For BlackBerry OS 6.0 or newer select Device > Advanced System Settings > TCP / IP
  3. Enter the required APN information.
  4. Select Save.

Windows phone APN settings

Settings for Windows phones are different from model to model. Find your phone’s APN settings using the how to’s or user manual for your phone and enter the required APN information.