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Request 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 30 Day Airtime Plan Activation For Your New SIM Card

To Request a 90 or 365 Day Plan or modify an existing activation request, please STOP now and email [email protected] for further instructions.

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  • Set up your SIM

    Activating your Prepaid SIM is easy—we’ll walk you through a few simple steps.

  • *All of our SIMs are compliant with applicable policies and regulations governing validity and expiration of SIMs.

    THIS IS NOT THE DATE OF REQUESTED PLAN ACTIVATION. If the date entered here or otherwise printed on your SIM is BEFORE the date that you wish to have your SIM activated, please STOP NOW and order a new replacement SIM as no SIM can be activated after the Activate by Date printed on the back of your SIM.

    Visit https://smartsimusa.com/shop/valencia-orange-sim/ to order a replacement SIM Now.

    Please Note: If your SIM expires prior to your activation request date noted below, and you complete this transaction, you may be subject to an administrative fee to re-provision your account plus the cost of a replacement SIM & Shipping costs if it is later determined that your SIM expires before your requested activation start date.

  • Find your 19-digit SIM number on the plastic card that holds your SIM card. Do NOT Include the "F" at the end of the number. iPhone users, find your ICCID by going to Settings > General > About. Your iPhone ICCID will contain numerals only.

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